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Top 3 Florida Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage companies in Florida are professional and regulated organisations involved in the business of money lending to prospective clients who may be looking to purchase a property. The Florida mortgage market though has taken a bit of a beating over the last couple of years with the credit crunch, so times are harder for buyers if they haven’t got a large deposit or particularly good credit. However, there are always companies looking for new business and if they found your circumstances and application to be favourable then they will be happy to move forward with your application.

The mortgage lenders can act as agents between the client and lenders or specifically as the lender itself, dependent on the circumstance. They can also offer refinancing options for current homeowners who may be looking to free up some of their capital in the short or long term. Either way, you should be looking to speak with a reputable Florida mortgage lender so ask your local realtor if he has any recommendations to offer. In the meantime here are the top 3 Florida mortgage lenders in no particular order.

1. Florida Mortgage Corporation. These guys were established in 1989 and is a member of the better business bureau and hold an A* rating with them. They have all manner of solutions regardless of your circumstances. Definitely worth looking at when trying to find a Florida mortgage lender.

2. Transcon Lending Group. This company offers a huge variety of mortgage options from 100% mortgages, reverse mortgages, refinancing and much more.

3. Mark Foreman Finance. This company specialises in providing Florida mortgage lending to expat buyers. The expat level of investment in Florida accounts for a significant percentage of the total business so I though it relevant to include some specialist expat FL mortgage lenders. These guys are in face America’s No1 mortgage broker for expat buyers.