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Homeowners Insurance for a Mobile Homes in Florida

The state of Florida accounts for more than ten percent of all mobile homes in the nation. This means that more people live in manufactured homes in this state than in any other. With the risk of hurricanes in some areas of the state, many people are recognizing the need for a solid and dependable homeowner’s insurance policy for their mobile home in Florida.

The process of securing homeowner’s insurance for a mobile home is very similar to that of a traditional home. There are ways to save on insurance costs and it takes a bit of knowledge and some time to realize those discounts.

Before a person even considers ways to save money on their mobile home insurance policy they must first find out how much they can expect to pay. The best way to do this is by contacting several different insurance companies and asking for quotes. Insurance companies gladly give out free quotes as they recognize this as a good way to make initial contact with prospective consumers. Have a clear replacement value in mind for your mobile home, as well as the range of coverage you want, before you contact any agents for quotes. This way you’ll be prepared and it will enable you to gather quotes that all offer the same or very similar levels of coverage.

In terms of hurricane coverage for residents who do own mobile homes in Florida, it’s wise to understand the details. Florida recently enacted new insurance rules pertaining to all types of home including mobile homes that provides more protection for the homeowner after a hurricane. This includes a mandatory checklist that explains what is and isn’t covered during a hurricane, so the homeowner can be fully aware of what limitations are in place. Insurance companies are also required to completely disclose how much the potential deductible would be. This really helps the homeowner understand the full burden of the cost they’ll be expected to pay.